Musical Approach’s showrooms demonstrate our skills, craftsmanship and illustrate first hand the types of work we can undertake.

Our rooms include:

  • Ground floor reception area
  • Music room – CD and vinyl systems
  • Dream room – Grand theatre and automation
  • Cinema room – Cinema and surround sound systems

With an investment as significant as a custom installation, we believe that rather than buying from a brochure or plans, you should be able to experience similar systems in a realistic environment.

At Musical Approach, we have invested nearly £60,000 in creating what we believe are the best showrooms in the UK to demonstrate high quality custom installation, multiroom, sound and vision solutions.

Our four rooms are like home rather than a cramped hi-fi shop with uniform lines and shelves of speakers and amplifiers.

Other areas of our showrooms present several installed multiroom systems and touchscreens.


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If you require further information about how Musical Approach how we can develop your ideas, please feel free to contact us.