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I remember it well, boasting about my newly purchased Hi-fi to the guy next door. Little did I know that the conversation that ensued would change my life.

That day my neighbour invited me to listen to his system. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe the difference in detail, impact and overall sound quality of his system.

This was to be my first introduction to real Hi-fi. If only I had known what was available rather than going to a high street electrical retailer. Needless to say my system had got to go. The difficult part was explaining it to the Wife!

I couldn’t afford to make a second mistake so this time I did some homework and located a specialist dealer who sold nothing but Hi-fi, knew what he was talking about and didn’t want to sell me a toaster!

Enthused by the different approach of the specialist dealer, I wanted to become a part of it. Some weeks later I was employed by my local Hi-fi specialist. My love of music and new born enthusiasm soon had me on the shop floor preaching the gospel to all and sundry.

Over the years my thoughts turned to having a shop of my own and in 1987 the doors to Musical Approach were opened.

Today, Musical Approach remains committed to sound and vision however, with the advent of multiroom and custom installations, our skills and commitment reach deeper into home entertainment than many hi-fi and home cinema retailers.

Nigel Smith – Director of Musical Approach


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