How we work

How we workServices

By combining skills from many disciplines, Musical Approach’s aim is to achieve the highest levels of performance, style and enjoyment for every one of our systems – no matter what your budget.

Whether you’re considering modernising your house, renovating an existing property or carrying out a new or self build, Musical Approach has a range of complete solutions for every home.

All aspects of our custom installations can be carried out by our team of expert team.

By offering a fully project management or working in conjunction with appointed specialists such as architects, builders, interior designers and electricians, Musical Approach can:

  • Maximise the performance and upgradeability of your custom installation
  • Produce initial designs, plans and schematics for room layouts, cabling and electricals
  • Develop interior designs and themes for main viewing and listening rooms
  • Incorporate solutions into the most challenging of environments including gardens, kitchens swimming pools and bathrooms
  • Automate sound and vision with other household systems such as lighting, drapes and security
  • Integrate various household systems into a single, controllable platform

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